Precision neck not fitting Jazz body

Neck sits really high off body:

Straight edge laying on frets:

Straight edge laying on frets – full view:

Straight edge laying on frets – close up:

With pickguard in place to see how it “should” look . . .

Trying to get some idea of a measurement:

It’s about 3/4″ off of the bridge plate:

To give some idea of scale, there’s a US Quarter coins wedged straight up between A and D bridge saddles

Guy Pratt’s “My Bass and Other Animals”

My Bass and Other AnimalsMy Bass and Other Animals by Guy Pratt
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Charming anecdotes, from a talented (as well as extremely lucky) bass player and musician.

I found myself wishing to read more about the personalities behind the music and a bit less about all the drunken escapades (although for a music memoir this is a very balanced read).

As an amateur bass player myself, I found this immensely entertaining.

Guy has a self-deprecating and gentle-but-sarcastic good humor about his story.

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