A review of 4-inch wide Italia Straps for Bass Guitars

I’ve been playing a lot of bass lately. That’s a good thing. Some of my basses weigh 12 pounds. That’s not a good thing.

I recently started using a neo-web type strap, which is made of neo-prene or something similar. It’s wide and a bit stretchy. Although a strap like this does re-distribute the weight, the slick nature of the material tends to exacerbate neck dive. I found myself going back to a narrower strap that was leather and suede.

Some online comments lead me to check out Italia Straps

2013-06-19 13.36.57


I purchased Black + Suede and a Mahogany strap.

On the whole I am pleased with these straps.

Here’s a review of pros & cons:


  • Pros:
    • Reasonably priced
    • Very sturdy leather
    • Wide form
    • Leather looks, feels, and smells great
    • Classic buckle-free adjustable design
  • Cons:
    • Leather is so thick that I had to compress is with a clamp and some washers before I could put my Dunlop Dual Design strap locks on. It was manageable, and should be very secure, but it was an extra step and extra effort.
    • These straps actually are so thick that they weigh almost a pound each (15 oz.). If you’re really concerned about total weight between bass and strap, that might be a factor. For me the sturdiness, strap-width, and suede backing make 15 oz. of weight acceptable.
    • Leather was a bit stiff at first. However I have a sense it will grow more supple with use.

Short version: Good value, good construction, I am happy with these straps.

Playing with Paul Bolger of Mr. Blotto

I was lucky enough to serve as house bass player this past Sunday. This was a really fun night – great music.

14-04-28 working mans jam_2549

Paul played nearly the entire night, with many local musicians. Paul has an encyclopedic knowledge of songs and was equally comfortable singing/playing lead or playing rhythm behind someone else. A total “mensch”!

Marquette Reunion Class of 1987 / Surrender Dorothy & R. Mutt @ Shank Hall July 28 9:00

It turns out that the Marquette Reunion Class of 1987  has arranged for Surrender Dorothy, R. Mutt, and the Gracie Lou Revue to play at a reunion-associated event at Shank Hall (1434 Farwell Ave, Milwaukee WI) on July 28th, beginning at 9:00 pm.

Even though the event is confirmed, due to the way the reunion committee is organized, we’re not sure how much information about this will be made part of the official MU reunion information packet.

Shank Hall is an excellent venue for live music, so it should be a good time! The MU event site is here, and the Class of 1987 FaceBook page is here.

And . . . as long as we’re on the subject . . . “JiggleFest” is on Sept 15th this year, at Bradford Beach